• Nancy Bergman

The Last Weekend for Raclette!

~ from our April 2019 Newsletter ~

Yes, This is positively the last weekend for Raclette! But to ease the grief and pain, we have finally allowed our Cabinbert equal billing on the menu, while they last! Baked to a fare-thee-well with sautéed shiitakes atop; we had great success serving these creamy, delectable mushrooms as an appetizer, but now see that they truly belong with the most beautifully ripe and gooey Cabinbert, made, naturally, on premises and aged for a perfect 5 weeks. Umami, mommy.

Although our cheese plate is not officially on the menu this weekend (back in two weeks), just give us a holler an hour ahead of your visit, and we will bring out those little beauties for tempering. Choose from Cabinbert, Grappino, St. Em and Truffle Fromage Blanc.

Call or email for reservations! 

802-659-4480 or

Newest appetizer on the roster: Smoked Trout with our Crème Fraîche, Cucumber, Dill, Shallots and a dollop of Salmon Caviar. Perfect with Thierry Tissot Bugey Blanc Brut 2014.

Yes, we are going to take a quick break for that season... (Closed May 3rd-May 12th)


Please join us this last weekend for the greatest (and fast disappearing) wines of the French Alps, Raclette, Baked Cabinbert and more!

Remedy Wine Bar will re-open the weekend of Friday, May 18!

Fridays and Saturdays, 5:30-close. Reservations: 802 659-4480 or

Spoonwood Cabin Wine and Cheese Shop will re-open Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, the 19th, 12-4:30.

If you feel the urge to write us a review, we'd really appreciate it! And we thank all of you who have already contributed to our 5 Star Club!


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