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April 16-18

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Charcuterie Plate ~ Duck Pastrami, VT Pimentón Salami and

Coppa Serrana, Served with Spicy Nuts and Pickles 21.


Mortadella Mash ~ "Bologna" Mousse with Parmigiano Reggiano and Cornichons, Served with Soft Pretzel and Our Onion Mustard 12.

Brandade Chaude ~ Whipped Salt Cod with Cream and

Crispy Crumbs  12.

Individual Raclette ~ Haut Livradois French Raclette atop Fingerling Potatoes, Served with Pickled Onions and Cornichons 12.

with Duck Sausage 14.


Remedy Cheese Plate ~ 3 Varieties and Our Condiments 21.


Gâteau Nantais ~ Almond and Rum Soaked Cake 10.


Baguette, Your Choice of Frozen or Baked 4.

Soft Pretzel 2.50

Torres Truffle Potato Chips 3.50


~Cheeses this Weekend~

($2 Per Ounce/5-10 ounce cuts)


Boucher Family Farm Gore-Dawn-Zola~VT

Bufarolo ~ Beer-Washed Buffalo Milk~Italy

2 Year Parmigiano Reggiano~Italy

Raclette du Haut-Livradois ~France


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